Tiger Tribe Patternation Eco City Kit


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Tiger Tribe are great at incorporating learning into fun activities for kids so that they don't realise they are learning as they play.  This magnetic take anywhere on the go set is great for those school age kids who are interested in the way people live and how communities come together. 

Inspired by the practice of sustainable urban design, Patternation Eco-City introduces children to sustainability in a fun and engaging way. With 16 different Eco-City template patterns, kids construct their own green city layout by arranging tiles on the magnetic display board.

A handy guide is also included to provide information about the key elements of a sustainable city. Kids will learn about eco-friendly elements that help make the city greener for its citizens, including growing veggies in community gardens, recycling and reusing resources, producing sustainable energy, providing alternative forms of transport and improving CO2 emissions.

The practical, portable and robust carry case is designed to keep all the pieces together and because it’s all magnetic, you can make, create, arrange and design, over and over again!


Suitable for kids age 6+