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Size Charts from Bobux & Pretty Brave

Please note these are a general guide to determining the correct size shoe for your child.  These are generic brand fits and individual styles within each brand can fit differently.

Generally open toe sandals fit slightly larger than a closed toe style.  You can usually go slightly larger in a close toe style whereas in an open toe there is a greater risk of tripping when the sandal is on the larger side.

The shape of the foot also determines the most suitable size.  Wide chunky feet sometimes need a larger size to accomodate the width of the foot as much as the length.

You can usually go slightly larger in a boot or fully enclosed style than you can in a sandal. Boots and sneakers are also usually worn with socks or tights so they help absorb more space around the foot.

The best way to decide the right style and size for your child is to bring them in store to be fitted and try a number of styles on to determine the best one.