Today, Playforever's renowned brand spans across more than 20 countries globally. Their design inspiration draws from the timeless elegance of 1920s racing cars and aviation, as well as the enduring style of 1960s New York. These influences, combined with decades of dedicated research into technical car design and automotive aesthetics, have culminated in a collection of iconic pieces. 

At the heart of Playforever's philosophy lies a commitment to authentic design and an unwavering dedication to achieving flawless craftsmanship. Their manufacturing partners share the company's values, understanding that the creation of beautiful products hinges on the use of the finest materials. With child-friendly, soft-roll rubber wheels and a UV-resistant paint finish, ensuring longevity and safety in every product. 

In essence, Playforever stands as a testament to their company identity as both creators and connoisseurs of enduring art toys that are crafted to last a lifetime.