Colours do vary depending on the computer/phone  and web browser you are viewing the site on.  Our images are either provided by the supplier or taken in store.  We try our very best to ensure that they are a true representation of the actual product. If we feel the image used does have some colour variations to the actual product we will include this in the product description.  Should you require clarification of a certain product's colour before purchase then please contact us by phone or email and we will endeavor to provide additional information. 

Clothing Sizes are stated for each product where relevant.  Sizing does vary between brands of both clothing and footwear.  Clothing Sizes - generally a size 1 is suitable for a 1 year old child, 2 for a 2 year old etc.  Baby sizes are

NB or 0000    Newborn Baby - good for a brand new baby up to about an 8 pound birth weight.  This will fit them for approx 1 month.  But this is a very general guide as babies grow at different rates and some carry their weight in their length and others are shorter but more chunky.

000 or 3M    Bigger newborn babies may skip the newborn size and go straight into this size.  But generally this size is good through to about 3 months of age.

00 or 6M    Suitable for a 3 - 6 month old baby, but again this is a general guide.  

0 or 9M    Good for a 6 - 9 month old babies.

1 Year    Good for babies about 10mths old onwards.

Some brands doe a 12 - 18 months sizing and then a 18 - 24 month size; others just do a size 1 and then 2.  

If you are buying a gift and don't know the baby's size then we recommend 000 for a newborn right now or 00 for a newborn to use in the next few months.  If in doubt about a particular garment then please do ask us.

Footwear Sizes can vary hugely between brands.  As an example Mckinlays footwear is a very generous fit and their sizing is much larger than any other brand we stock.  Some shoe brands size in european sizing and others use either US or UK sizing.  In store we use the Clarks footwear guide to compare the different sizing systems, this is listed below

UK           US            European  
4 4.5 20
5     5.5 21
5.5 6 22
6.5 7 23
7 7.5 24
7.5 8 25
8.5 9 26
9 9.5 27
10 10.5 28
11 11.5 29
12 12.5 30
12.5 13 31
13.5 1 32
1 1.5 33
2 2.5 34
2.5 3 35
3.5 4 36

As an approx guide a one year old is often in a size 4 or 5 UK, but this does vary hugely. If you are not sure what size to purchase then please send us details of your child's foot measurement.  To measure your child's foot have them stand on a piece of paper in bare feet, standing upright with feet together and weight evenly distributed on each foot.  Trace around their foot and then rule a line across the top of the tracing (usually this is at the big toe but not always) and then across the bottom of the foot (the heel) measure the distance between in centimeters and that is then the length of their foot.  Measure both feet in case they are different sizes.  If sending the measurements through to us for fitting then please also include any other info on their foot shape for example narrow or wide feet, chunky, skinny around the ankle, or any other important points.  We will then contact you with our recommendations. Please include what size and brand they are currently wearing as this is useful starting point.