Tiger Tribe Locakable Diary (Unicorn Rainbow)


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Tiger Tribe do great kid's activities sets and stationery and this sweet little diary is the perfect way to encourage kids to practice their writing and put there thughts, hopes and dreams into words. 

Every child needs a special place to write down their secret thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Tiger Tribe's hard-cover Lockable Diaries contain 120 colourful pages, filled with decorative, colourful embellishments and illustrations - certain to keep your little ones inspired to fill the pages with all the best memories that will stay safe as each diary locks up with its very own padlock and key!  that will get you inspired to fill the pages with memorable moments from your day-to-day.

At 14.5cm x 21.5cm each compact diary is the perfect size to hide under your pillow or throw in your overnight bag.

Suitable ages 3+