Tiger Tribe Magnificent World of ABC (Food)


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Tiger Tribe are great at incorporating learning into fun activites for kids so that they dont realise they are learning as they play.  This magnetic take anywhere on the go set is great for those pre schoolers and early learners to discover the alphabet, recognise words and form connections between letters and sounds.

It's as easy as ABC!  Tiger Tribe's Magnificent World of ABC provides 3 simple steps to help kids build confidence on their road to literacy:

  • Choose a group card
  • Find the picture magnets that match the card
  • Spell out the words on the card using the magnetic letters

It's that easy! The practical, portable and robust case is designed to keep all the magnetic pieces and picture cards together. Ribbon straps hold the case lid in place, creating the perfect display panel.

Educational and, more importantly, fun! These sets will engage and delight children for hours.

Each case includes:

  • 80x letter magnets (upper + lowercase)
  • 47x picture magnets
  • 7x grouping cards

Suitable ages 4+