Quut Ballo Bucket (Lagoon Green)



The most practically designed bucket for little ones.  How many times have you walked down to the sea edge with your little one to fill up a bucket of water for them to loose almost all of the water on the way back to the sand castle.  The unique design of this ballo bucket by Quut toys means that it's more likely for more of the water to last in the bucket until you return to your destination.  With a ball shape and small opening at the top the water can slosh around and still not escape so easily.

Great for tipping and pouring activities both at the beach, in the sandpit or backyard.  

3.9 litre capacity

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3 Years + Includes a long cord which could be a strangulation hazard on a young child. 

Quut Toys are made to stand the test of time, inspired by their childhood memories, designed with their children's future in mind.