Bibs Dummy Two Pack (Night Glow Vanilla)



Soft natural rubber latex dummies from Scandinavian company Bibs.  Bibs dummies come in this handy 2 pack.

Size 1 : 0 - 6 Months

Size 2 : 6 - 18 Months

Size 3: 18 Months+

Designed & Made in Denmark. Bibs is a long standing European company.  Sold for more than 40 years

100% BPA Free

Colour Way: Night Glow Vanilla (Two of the same colour included in this pack with glow in the dark handle)

Has a round nipple to mimic mum's breast.

Manufacturers Recommendations:

Replace the pacifiers every 4 - 6 weeks for hygenic reasons. Do not use a pacifier that has changed colour or presents irregularities. Because it is made with natural rubber the nipple may expand slightly when used. 

Warning: A torn or broken pacifier poses a choking hazard. Inspect carefully before each use. Pull the teat in all directions.  Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. A cord or ribbon attached to a pacifier poses a strangulation hazard. Do Not Attach a pacifier to your child's clothing. Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents strangulation danger. Do not sterilize in the microwave. Do not cook. 

Please read all manufacturers instructions  & advice before giving to your child.