Shnuggle Moonlight Portable Nightlight



A beautifully-designed portable nightlight from Shnuggle, which features both a parent mode and child mode.

This dual-mode nightlight offers great versatility, adapting to the needs and capabilities of your growing child. 

In parent mode, Moonlight provides the perfect amount of soft, low blue light for feeding, changing or comforting baby. In child mode, your little one can use it as a bedside light to help them drift off to sleep or comfort them if they wake in the night. Also great for guiding those nighttime toilet trips. It also features a handy strap for easy carrying from room to room.


  • Dual parent and child modes

  • Simply turnover to activate or switch off

  • Cool to touch, low power LED light with low blue light levels

  • Dimmable light - Gradually dims through a sunset mode to help promote sleep

  • Room temperature indicator displayed on charging dock, with different colours indicating different room temps

  • Portable and rechargeable