Junior Kids Store the place to shop when you are looking for inspiration for children's gifts. From newborn baby to an 8 year old whether its shoes, clothes, toys, school bags, night lights, that special first cuddly, doll or an educational puzzle. Junior stocks a wide range of children's related gear and only the best children's brands. We love NZ made but realise that there are too many fabulous international brands that simply can't be ignored along with those great Kiwi brands that are designed and managed from NZ but manufacture offshore. We have so many wooden toys that we could just exclusively do those but then there are some great kid's toys that are not wooden.....

So instead our criteria on whether to stock a product range is based on what it does for your children, does it educate, is it good for them, does it make life easier, more fun, create those childhood memories that will last them a lifetime? If it answers yes to any of those questions and it is a reputable brand supplied by a company we currently work with or by someone we would like to work with then we will give it a go. But ultimately its our customers, what they purchase and their feedback that will keep us stocking a range.

Please have a look around, let us know if you need more info or help with something or can't find something you are looking for. Or call into store and have a face to face chat with us, while we wont be in store at 10pm if that's when you prefer to go shopping (there is always email for the night owls) we are in store all day every day 6 days a week with loads of toys to entertain the little ones while you browse, and we have lots of helpful suggestions and ideas for that birthday or Christmas gift.

Jo & the Team