Barefoot is best when your littlie is starting to take those first eagerly awaited steps.  But barefoot is not always practical.  That's where Bobux Xplorers are at their best. Xplorer style shoes are the shoe for the baby who is just starting to pull themselves up and begin coasting round the furniture though still crawling to get anywhere quickly.   These shoes can take the punishment of crawling but are there to support those early steps.

Once your baby is up on their feet more regularly and has transitioned into a toddler then the Step Up style of shoe is recommended.  Step Ups allow little feet the freedom to grow and develop without restricting natural foot shapes.   They have a lightweight sole that is flexible and mimics the freedom of barefeet but gives a little more durability than skin. Velcro fastening makes them easy to get on and off, soft leather inside and out these shoes will give and bend as your littlie does, with a cushioned collar around the ankle they help keep the foot securely anchored in the shoe. Its important when children's feet are growing  to choose shoes that don't restrict their movement and mimic the freedom of bare feet.