Petite Eats Sippy Cup (Peony 260ml)


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Petite Eat's premium sippy cup is a popular choice for your little one.  The sippy cup has been thoughtfully designed so that's its a functioning easy to use sippy cup.  With 100% silicone teats so  super easy to clean while still soft on your little ones gums.

Each sippy cup has a weighted straw meaning that no matter which way they are tipped, the straw will remain in the water and bub will be able to drink. The sippy cup can  can also be used as an open cup, simply remove the lid.


  • Food safe silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy for bubs to use
  • Weighted Straw
  • Can be converted to an open cup

Care: Wash before first use, check condition regularly and discard at the first sign of wear or tear. Always supervise children while eating and drinking.