Nana Huchy Ballerina Bunny White


SKU: 1702280002

This Ballerina Bunny from Nana Huchy is delightful at any time of the year, but particularly popular at Easter.  

Nana Huchy the creators of this whimsical bunny have documented her story so far: 

This sweet little ballerina bunny was often teased as a child due to her unique fashion sense (the tutu is purely aesthetic). Growing up in a tiny Tasmanian town, she often felt called to big city lights and dreamt of Paris fashion houses, New York streets and Copenhagen department stores. But alas, the wind was knocked out of her sails by unkind peers and Ballerina Bunny resigned herself instead to a quiet, rural life (she still wore her tutus and tulle collars though). Until one fateful day, when she bumped into another bunny- in exactly the same avant garde outfit! Only a different colour set them apart. Friends for life, the pink and white Ballerina Bunnies spend their days growing food, riding horses, making pottery and mosaics. All in their tutus of course.

Bunny height 30cm

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