Travel Game (Magnetic Reversi)



 Games to take out & about and play in the car, plane, train or bus, or take on holiday to the beach house or Nana's for that wet day or quiet time activity.  

A 2 player game.

Each player chooses either the black or white magnets and races the other person to use all their magnets, but must follow the placement rules to place their own coloured magnets in a strategic position. 

Rules - 

Place the magnet next to an opposite coloured magnet (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally). One straight line can be formed between the newly placed magnet and another of the same colour. One or more of the opposite coloured magnets must be between them. If a player can not place a magnet then they skip their turn. When neither player can place any more magnets on the board then the player with the most of their coloured magnets wins. 

Comes in a tin that can then be used for storing the game.

Manufacturers Recommended Age 6 - 99 years.

 Warning - This product contains small magnets.  Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death.  Seek immediate medical attention if magents are swallowed or inhaled.