Mier Edu Maths Bus

By MierEdu

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One of the best ways to understand maths concepts is when you can relate them to real-life things, and this Maths Bus from MierEdu fits this perfectly!

The Maths Bus is a 2-in-1 game for one or more players, which can be played as a board game as a simple race, or played on the side of the magnetic bus. It is a fun toy and a great way to introduce simple math concepts such as counting (1-20), addition and subtraction calculations, comparison, and identifying odd and even numbers. The product is made from eco-friendly materials.

Package: 20.5cm x 8.6cm x 17.4cm

Material: Paper, Magnet, Wood

Includes: 1 x Maths Bus, 1 x Game Board, 72 x Maths learning Magnets, 1 x Parent Guide

Age: 5+