Mier Edu Go Shopping (Math Learning Game)

By MierEdu

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From the Mier Edu range is this Go Shopping game. A great maths learning set with 4 games to improve financial iq and math skills step by step.


Go shopping simulates real everyday experiences, helping young children recognise, summarise and classify common household items while cultivating finacnial intelligence and maths skills. With age specific edutainment designed to make kids enjoy and grow to lve rather than fear maths. This unique role playing game will enable children to perform fun maths calculations as they learn to go shopping with parents and friends.

How to play - 

1. recognise and match products

2. categorise products

3. shop with memory cards

4. checkout items

Kit contains - 

32 product cards

4 shopping baskets

80 coins

4 shopping lists

4 price tags

1 parent guide