Mier Edu Magnetic Sudoku

By MierEdu

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A magnetic sudoku kit for children from the Mier Edu range. Portable and mess free fun while travelling and out & about. Helps to develop logical thinking and concentration skills.  

The kid's version of 4x4 tiles of the popular sudoku game is here.  This fun sudoku game is in ahandy portable case and is great for children aged  3 years +. It includes 16 illustrated animal magnets and 35 quizzes for hours of play.  This game will provide your little one with all the benefits of sudoku from a young age as they develop critical skills in observation, analysis, logical thinking and concentration. 

Learn basic concepts of sudoku step bybstep.  Build up maths skills gradually with 20 cards from the easy to hard. 

Set includes -

i play kit

16 animal magnets

5 guided cards

15 sudoku quizzes

1 magnet bar


Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3 Years +