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Petit Collage Dinosaur Trivia Quiz Cards


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Does your little one ask endless questions about why, where what?  Do they have a non stop thirst for all things dinosaur? Then this is the game for them.  This dinosaur themed trivia quiz card set includes 50 different cards with quesitons and answers of a dino theme.  True or False? Tyrannosaurus rex is the biggest dinosaur ever found?  Kids have enquiring minds and they will remember the most quirky and unusual facts about things, you will be suprised how good they get at remembering the answers when they have played this a few times. 

Easy to take away on holiday and keep a group of kids of varying ages entertained. Challenge the olders ones but setting up teams, give them time limits to answer questions.  Allocate points & handicaps for each correct or wrong answer. 


Manufacturers Recommended Age 5 Years + 


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