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Bobux Xplorer range is the latest shoe style to come out of the Bobux footwear stable.  Bobux is committed to manufacturing the best range of kids shoes.  The Xplorers are a natural extension to fill the gap between their baby soft sole shoes and the Bobux step up range.  Xplorer shoes are designed for little ones who are just finding their feet.  Learning to walk while still spending a lot of their time on the floor. A lightweight flexible shoe that brings you the latest in footwear technology combined with advanced shoe materials and the experience of the Bobux designers when designing shoes for this age group.  Shoes that are easy to get on wiggling squirming feet with elastic and velcro fastenings, a micro-arbor toe cap which has abrasion resistance when those crawlers turn into walkers and put extra wear on the toe cap and a lightweight flexible sole so that your new toddler can still feel all their foot movement while keeping their feet safe from uncomfortable prickly, hard, hot or cold surfaces.