So how does Santa find out whether the kids have been naughty or nice?  Let me introduce Elf of the Shelf one of Santa's trusted helpers.  Santa's scout elves get adopted into families across the world where they report back to the Man in the red suit on how the behaviour has been at your house and whether he needs to stop in on Christmas Eve with his sack of presents. The elf appears in your home in early December and stays until Christmas Day. Your family adopts the elf and gives him a name.  Not to be touched by the children in the family the elf contains mystical powers and reports back each night to Santa on the behaviour, both good and bad in the house.  The elf comes back in the early hours each night and hides somewhere, and in the morning you get to find him.

We are super excited to have Elf on the Shelf in store this year.  This elf (boy or girl versions available) quickly becomes part of your family and an annual family tradition. Its as much fun for the adults in the family as the kids.  Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for ideas on where your elf can hide and what he can get up to.  Highly popular in the US the Elf on the Shelf tradition is relatively new in NZ but has local followers to.  Here in Palmy Helen and her family adopted their elf earlier this year.  Find out what he gets up to (I think he is a particularly mischievous elf!) by following Carson's adventures on instagram. and on snapchat hit_black 

November 06, 2016 — Jo Chilcott